Alot of tourists after they return back to thier homes from vacations they notice that they have to spend a lot of money for the mobile bill’s.

So in this report we will speak about how we can use our phones without paying all this amounts after we finish our vacations and  we will speak about the opeartors that working in Egypt and wich packages   they  are offering and the costs.

So first before your travelling you should be sured that your phone not blocked by your operator home Outside of your country by calling your operator in your home, so you are sure that you can change your Sim card in Egypt.

Before you arrived in egypt you should
1- close the romaing data ” mobile network data roaming” by this we are sure that we make disable all data traffic through a mobile network , disable all the automatic emails and any other alert’s but still allowing incoming and outgoing call’s.

2- connect with a local wifi , there are a lot of hotel’s offer this service for free then you should just ask abouth the password at the reception once you are arrived and then you can connect and use the internet , other hotel’s they sell the wifi service for one hour , day or even for one week and the prices usually start from 5 € – 30 € depend on the amount of data.

3- buy a local sim card and here you can find the name of the MOBILE INTERNET operators in Egypt with thier packages


here you can find all the plans for internet packages :

the cost of sim card its arround 330 Egyptian pounds.


also in this attachment you can find all the plans for We :


here you can find the offeres of Vodafone Egypt :


here you can find all the packages of orange operator:

our advice for our friends :

1- to buy the sim card from an official retail store so you can register the sim with your name and all what you need is a photocopy of your passport .

2- as we say before you should dowanload the application for any opertors to know exactly the amount you have .

finally with this report we hope that we wrote the most important informations for the usage of internet in Egypt .



telecome operators in Egypt

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