Dolphin Dancers Marsaalam

Program of the week:

The excitement begins for the most spectacular dolphin trip.
Our meeting point in Egypt is Marsa Alam or Hurghada airport. our bus will wait for you to bring you to the port of Hamata little bit more than 2 hours drive south. We usually spend the first night on board at the Marina.
Get ready to have a glance of playful dolphins welcoming the arriving boat.

We navigate to Sataya early in the morning on Sunday and after 2 hours cruise, we arrive at Sataya Reef where we will anchor for the whole week! Don’t worry about being seasick: once we anchored in Sataya, the boat will not move anymore and any seasickness is excluded! Usually, dolphins welcome the arriving boats in the Bay of Sataya and after a security briefing with our snorkel and dive guides, we can join our friends in the water
Experience the blissful life on board full of treasured memories.

Dolphins come regularly during the day to rest and play in the Bay, giving us the possibility of swimming with them. We approach them slowly and quietly with the zodiac or by swimming if they are close enough to the boat.

The magic of human-dolphin encounters take place… sometimes, dolphins go away when we get close to them. That means they are not ready to interact with us and we must respect their choice and not force our presence upon them or chase them. Be sure they will come back when they want to swim with us!

Swim along with the incredible coral reefs of Sataya bay.

When dolphins are not available, we are invited to swim along the beautiful coral reefs of Sataya Bay, where we can admire hundreds of fish and corals of all colors and shapes. It is magnificent. Furthermore, our snorkel guide will guide us with snorkeling. For your security, we ask you to follow the safety rules and instructions carefully. Feel free to take moments for yourself, read a book or listen to some music. There is only one obligation on board, feel completely at ease ….

We also dance sometimes on board with the members of the crew that accompany our journey and love to share their music and dance with us!

Delicious food is prepared by our excellent Cook and served three times a day. Vegetarians will be pleased with the diversity of vegetables and legumes. Snacks are proposed during the day. water and fresh and hot drinks are available at will.
It’s the time to leave the place while holding onto blissful memories.

On Saturday early morning we navigate back to the Marina of Hamata where our bus will bring you to the airport to take your flight.

We ensure that you get the most beautiful experience at such a wonderful destination of Sataya, which is far from any nuisance. Meet the playful sea souls in their natural environment of the coral reefs. Our boat will be your heavenly place which will provide you with a thematic retreat and an unforgettable stay.

For more information please contact us.

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