The booking order must make in writing. The booking order is for all participants listed. After booking order, the Travel operator/Customer receives an order confirmation. The order confirmation is part of the booking and contains all the agreements and conditions for each Full charter. In the order confirmation the Travel operator / customer is be asked to pay a deposit of 25% of the total amount. With payment of the deposit, the Travel operator / customer accepts the terms agreed in the order confirmation and undertakes to fulfill these.

To be confirming the booking the boat has to reach the following confirmed guests; 80% or minimum 60% of the boat capability within one month prior departure. Departure and / or Arrival harbor can change. Any change will not modify the itinerary. Any additional expense on transfers will be held by the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to change the vessel, in full respect of the standards and the itinerary. The Travel operator / Customer agrees to pay the full tour price on the confirmed booking.

For booking order up to 45 days prior departure and longer a deposit in the amount of 25% of the tour price must be paid immediately upon receipt of order confirmation. Only after receipt of the deposit the booking order to be reserved. For booking order less than 45 days prior departure shall the complete tour price immediately due for payment. We reserve the right, if the due invoice amount to the stated maturity date of the invoice is not paid on time, to cancel the booking completely without any compensation. In case of an increase of benzin / diesel prices we reserve the right, even subsequently to calculate a fuel surcharge. The customer can pay this surcharge in cash on spot.

• 30 days reservation time within 240 days prior departure
• 15 days reservation time within 120 days prior departure
• 7 days reservation time within 90 days prior departure
• 2 days reservation time within 15 days prior departure

Only acceptance of booking confirmation in the last 3 days before departure possible.

• 20 % cancellation fee until 30 days prior departure
• 50 % cancellation fee from 29 to18 days prior departure
• 75 % cancellation fee from 17 to10 days prior departure
• 100 % cancellation fee within 9 days prior departure

In case of cancellation the customer has to inform by mail the Organizer. In case the departure fails no cancellation fees are required.

Permission to dive safari is only requested by the boat owner. Local Travel operators are not allowed to seek permission for a charter to the authorities. The list of participants or a copy of your passport by the participant should be submitted early or not later than 10 days before departure to the organizer. The list should include the full first- and last name, passport number and nationality of the participant. For a late departure caused by the Travel operator / customer incomplete or late submissions passenger list, we assume no liability or compensation to participants of a charter.